Vire by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Vire:

Is in a dream Oh man than his father.
It felt his hand Nchaba good news came to him. Archer to tell the truth, and to respond to those who do not obey God, the hit and ordered him to do before. If the Alnchabh of cane, that is false, though Alnchabh shares it is a man of many words, he hit it performs what he says, and broke it obeyed in his words, though Alnchabh of gold it is a message to the woman, and the separation in Alnchabh good and strong, and the disorder Alnchabh fear the Prophet himself in the performance.
and saw that it was intended Balnchab it is attributed to the gossip and innuendo, but Alnchabh without feathers, the Prophet is geared. [See arrow]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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