Virgin by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Virgin:

Are in a dream hardship for employers positions, and women with Faraj insolvency.[See: al-Bakr.

Interpretation of Al zahri

virgin, though it is obsolete virgin woman.

It felt: he carried a house or castle, it marries a woman with severe subsistence.

It felt: the house, it indicates the water has retired in the haram, and the human action which may offer classes in the urine and feces. The houses Almtabej Vtúl seeking to gain strength and living things.

The canon it in two ways: head of the house and a woman, great, and was canon strength of the house and regularity of the conditions of his group, it saw it as Xena or Sheena Faúl them, and said canon is the women, was of plaster, it is the household of them grow up, though of wood Vamroh of household of hypocrisy in them, though it is metal, such as metals are attributed to a woman that metal.

It felt: that it is the demise of the demolition of Kanon His grace, and was perhaps indicated by the destruction of his family travel to the canon.

The oven Fidel on the backs of things and Neil built the state and the survival of an enemy of the verse, “Far and enlightenment” and the profit for the dealer, as well as Sgerh.

But felt as if in Dar es Sultan hearth and ash which indicates that a woman does not marry the best .

The bellows and cables Sultan was told only if the wood of the bellows is a decrease Gah places and evidence of proof of funds.

The Treasury Vtúl Mosque of money and Balkhazindar.

But being alone is said to replace the comfort and confidentiality.

The houses attributed to the princes and Ktstkhanat Alfrchkanat and so on, all of which house shall be construed masters of servants visions of what that is all from Zain or Sean reflects on the expression as required by them. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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