Village by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Village:

Are in a dream, injustice and destruction of the verse: {They said: Mhlku the people of this village, the people were wrong-doers} .
is of the opinion that he entered a village fortified it fighting other or kill him.
and saw that it was going through his country to the village, it chooses an order and Die on something high. But felt that he had entered the village, it follows authority or enters into the work of righteousness. If it came out of the village survives severe.The village is full of ruined saw it headed for a disaster, full of vision and Salah religion. The village is known on the show itself and on its people, and what comes of it.
and possibly shown to the village house and Biqa injustice and corruption. The show village house ants, house ants is indicated on the village. It is the demolition of a village or marred or gold by the stream or burned with fire and have been known neighbor by the Sultan, may indicate that the locusts, hail and Pandemic Alert and epidemic.
and saw that it was out of the village is Salah him in religion.
and saw that it was moving from village to city, it moves from tired to rest, and from fear to security, and vice versa. [See the estate.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Village: (City; Suburban area; ‘I’own) A village in a dream represents injustice that will be followed by destruction as a consequence of people’s sins. Entering a well fortified village in a dream means fighting with someone. Crossing a village into a city in a dream means changing a menialjob into a more respectable one, or perhaps it could mean downgrading a good deed one has performed, thinking


of it as unimportant, or regretting it, or it could mean doing something good and thinking of it as evil, or perhaps it could mean showing indecisiveness and doubt. Entering a village in a dream also means governing it, or presiding over its people, or it could mean commencing a new job. Walking out of a village in a dream means escaping from evil. Seeing a destroyed village in a dream means heedlessness or a calamity caused by the sins of its dwellers. Seeing a well-built village in a dream shows the piety and righteousness of its people. Seeing ancient edifices or ruins inhabited again in a dream represents people’s repentance from sin. A village in a dream also could signify injustice, innovations, corruption, disregarding the divine laws, or discarding the moral standards set by the community. A village in a dream also could represent ants’ underground nest or colony, while an anthill in a dream represents a village. If a village is completely destroyed by fire, or floods, or freezing temperature, or by locusts, or plagues in one’s dream, it means suffering under the oppression of an unjust ruler or a tyrant, or it could mean destroying an anthill. Moving from a village into a city in a dream means leaving one’s toiling and hardships behind him. Moving from a city into a village means the opposite, and signifies leaving comfort and safety to meet with discomfort and fear. (Also see City)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of villages

Of the opinion that in the village that hated religion to the verse, “as well as taking the Lord when He villages are unjust.”

It felt: that he has moved from village to city, it Salah al-Din and the success in matters of safety and fear and the renewal of grace.

It felt: that he came out of the village, it is good for the verse, “God got us out of this village, the unjust people.”

It felt: that the ruined village or take the torrent king infringe upon that place.

It felt: that he entered the village it is up to him living, though many villages, the broader livelihood.

It felt: the village had been taken Doabha or cut trees planted or patronized, this indicates the poverty of its people and the disruption of their affairs.

And the vision of the preparation of the villages and fertile pond, as well as irrigated and irrigated .

It felt: that he is running is a thing of the villages for the benefit and livelihood.

It felt: that of sergeant and wipe the area villages and portray it proceed thing produces it.

It felt: that the village grew it for the amount of return on the owner. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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