Turtle by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Turtle:

Are in a dream woman wear perfume, and adorn herself, and offer themselves to men.It was said that the turtle to judge the judges know what they are at sea and Orah. It was said that man is the world. The turtle saw the good in a country or village, the people of knowledge in that place near and dear ones. Saw her in the dustbin of the world there lost among the ignorant. It was said that Abed is the man. And eat the flesh of the turtle money or knowledge of where not calculated, or that it affects the good or benefit of the land, and money.
It is felt that the king turtle or introduced by man to win it his home world. The turtle on the table saw on the way there is a note on the table. The saw is protected in a bowl or in the guise of the world, there is raised Aziz. It was said that the turtle in a dream indicates the cunning and deception, espionage and enforced, and the well and the acquisition of arms. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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