true by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi true:

Is a Palace in a dream, it is felt that a true and hit the pearls in which it affects the palace served as a tractor. The true function of the potash relieve worries and sorrows and eliminate debt. And wrought Yamania a function of the child or spouse the clipboard, and may indicate a folder on the book bookends. The true function of women’s concerns and Aloncad, and perhaps those shown on the vulva is in the intensity, and weddings, couples and children. Glass and a true friend does not meet him. The true sadness and indicate the current server.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 True Vision

The kiss is of the view that he accepts a woman decorated or Adhadjaha he marries a woman who had died her husband’s benefit, wealth and children and obtained in that year, good and told Iqbal to the world is of the opinion accept men and Adhadjah and mixed with mixing with desire, the interpretation Ktaoal marriage if not desire, it undermines the effect good It felt that he accepts dead, it being the course of the marriage in the interpretation and said some of them saw that he accepts dead desire it is received well, and saw that the dead accept it up to him from the wealth of the deceased or of his best is of the opinion that before the hand of one he humble himself to him and kissing the knee and men is of the opinion that no one before the earth and it does good for the future regarding the height of his is of the opinion that before the hand of his beloved subject, and it is a shame Dream Interpretation in Islam

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