Treasure: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Treasure:

Of the saw in a dream that he was a treasure, it affects the note, if the applicant is aware, though a merchant it is alive and Trade and generosity, even if the Sultan, it receives state and just world.
It felt that he had found a treasure which the money is going, the intensity of easy exposure to him, though it it shows a lot of money on them and sorrow, may indicate the death of the seer.
and saw in a dream, a treasure sacked, and saw that it was a great hit the money came out of this world a martyr. The King saw that the king is pleased with many treasures of this indicates that the disappearance of his own.
and perhaps Del treasure or inheritance to worry and bile.
del treasure and perhaps the woman previously married, or at what Ilkensh rights, and prevents him alms. Treasure and store winner.
and perhaps Del treasure teller or essential, but if there is human and there is a treasure of blocking access to it is indicated that the man scarce anti-Zakat, but if he knew was miserly with his knowledge, but is serving as it is not just in his parish. The seer was indicated by the maintenance of a woman, the reason why it was not indicated squandered their wealth. And Treasure shows prodigal son. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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