tannery: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi tannery:

Are in a dream under the same ruling the slaughterhouse because of the water and infection, leather Musluchh.
and perhaps shown tannery on the House Science, Rabat and other such places Taathzb the soul, and endemic to the goodness and righteousness.
and perhaps shown tannery on women of the many toil, patient on the abuse, or nation , and perhaps indicated by the strong women’s bass, bad morals, or reprehensible, which does not avoid impurities.
and perhaps tannery shown the money.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Tannery: (Leather dying factory) A tannery in a dream has the same interpreta-tion as that of a slaughterhouse. It also represents a school, a fellowship house, or similar places where the mind and spirit are taught and reared to correct oneself, to hold to what is true and to discard what is false. A tannery in a dream also represents a patient, forbearing and a hard-working woman , a housekeeper, or a child. Perhaps a tannery in a dream also could denote a harsh, wretched and a contemptible woman, though she likes cleanliness and guards herself from others’ impurities. (Also see Dye; Vat) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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