torrent   by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi torrent:

Is to attack the enemy in a dream, and attack the enemy torrent. It saw a torrent of rain Faisiba injury or get sick or traveling. The shops, it went up stream flood or Gore of the Sultan.
It felt that it prevents the stream from his home address he promised to stop him from harm is his family or his entourage. And D. Seil on the enemy if the demolition of the monastery or damaged trees or kill animals or drowned people, the people benefited by the good things is indicated by successive. The stream shows Ahazzr to speak and lie in the article. The torrent was blood and carrion it shows abhorred of God. Stream and see the evidence of the rain falls.
and perhaps Del stream at the wrong time on the heresy of which came from the stream.
stream is of the opinion that people who entered the house and went with their wealth and their cattle he is an enemy to change them. The flood in the winter shows on a people of sinners does not know them.
and saw that it was out of the water, swimming to the mainland, it escapes from the tyrant ruler, but was unable to transit should beware of sitting in the hands of Governor nor disobey the boss, indicates entry of flood to the city of the epidemic that its color was the color of blood or Kadra. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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