tongue by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi tongue:

In a dream interpreter is the owner and mastermind of its affairs. And tongue into sin.But felt his tongue in the increase of length or width is the strength of his fingernail and B_khashumich, indicates obscenity or tongue or on the eloquence and literature.The tongue is held disabled for work and poverty as well. The tongue grew in the black hair is the evil of urgency. Though white is evil futures. Kamal and tongue and said argument. If the Sultan and his tongue cut off the Torgomana die.
It felt tongue cut off his wife chaste, they concealed. The poor saw that cut the tongue of a poor oppress it.
It felt his tongue paste tact denial really substance has entrusted it.
It felt that he eats his tongue he speaks words of regret it, though it eats the governors of the people’s money with his tongue. And it was said tongue from eating it many Kazem silent rage His politeness.
It felt his tongue black tongue, it prevails upon his people, though, is a liar or Alerazl poet. It is biting his tongue, it Akzm anger, and perhaps indicated by the voracious eating.
It felt his tongue split 2/2, it would be a liar.
It felt that the tongues of his many kids kicking it.
It felt that people Elhson his tongue from his knowledge they are seeking. The tongue may be indicated by the king or his deputy on the eyebrow or his minister or writer, and perhaps indicates that Almknoz money and wealth and knowledge.
and perhaps indicated by the policeman or the Custodian of prisoners. If the King saw that his tongue cut is indicated to isolate the eyebrow or his deputy or minister or writer, and perhaps the money Taúla. The world saw that his tongue was cut defeated in the incontestable and his debate, and perhaps died, his servant or his student or his son.
and perhaps Del has the tongue on the gloating enemies of his family or his neighbors or the death of love.
and perhaps Del has the tongue and made ​​to divorce the wife, cut off his words from the place which is where, or invalidate a living from it. But felt tongue cut off is indicated by the death of junkie or Sweeper in the streets or the punishment of the impact, or a man outside crypts or evil man. But felt that his tongue with his tongue is evidence of gossip and take a speech among the people because it is said: So and so Bulsanin and Ugean if tongue overload does not prevent speech or benefit may del on honesty and make friends, says: {And give me the tongue of truth in others} .
It felt hair may take action on his tongue and was spoiled by the industry to speak of his regime. Perhaps Del tongue the prisoner or live in her lap.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Vision of the tongue

It felt his tongue long when adversarial, it Zafer is of the opinion that his tongue tied indication of poverty, disease, and said to prevail, and the catastrophe is of the opinion out loud what harm him or deny like him in real life it is not Mahmoud and eloquence of the tongue wisdom and logic and sweet talk is of the opinion that his tongue long it is much talk and perhaps simplifies to a harmful and saw that it was biting his tongue he regret is of the opinion that he viewed the tongue it is a portfolio of slippage is of the opinion that his tongue black, it would be a poet or saw that it was yellow Fidel on the disease and the change of the tongue is not Mahmoud and saw that it was shut up or by the weight of it of corruption in religion and saw that his tongue cut it Salah in his religion and perhaps a few words what was not in strife if there are it tire of his argument is no good it, and he was sick dies or a fork or the position of Fidel on the death of writer or Torgomana It was removed from power and was recalled and the subordination and perhaps The human tongue and said his pride and sincerity Dream Interpretation in Islam

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