transformation appearance

transformation appearance

transformation appearance by Al ahsaai See the transformation appearance

It is believed that Sheikh Mokthl is not the case for He is good in his religion and has a dignity and an increase in his honor and that was an old man and saw that he became a boy, it aspires and ignorant no good when, as well as women, and saw an old man in a dream has returned a young woman she minimum accept it even if patients woke up and saw that it was became a very junior soft beautiful may die quickly is of the opinion that it has become a long range is to increase in age, and saw that it was small and short it sells his home or his mount and that was a function to isolate and said to oppression and bankruptcy and perhaps afraid of him from the dead and saw a decrease of it is the weakness and lack of religious and worldly It felt that it became in the form of a woman and her beauty, or that his respite coverage of women it is the yoke of subordination and the wickedness even saw a woman that her male like the man’s or a beard if he has a son prevailed upon his people and that she was pregnant brought a son and that were not pregnant, they do not give birth to a son never Or maybe you leave the vision to her husband or her father or her brother and said to get an honor for a male relative even saw a woman she has become a man is Tjama women or marry a woman they hit good and honor and attributed is of the opinion that he has committed a sin and a century or Hafra such as animals or hose or Menkara therefore Salah whole and well It felt that his feathers or wings, this principality and affects good but felt it fly, it travels is of the opinion that he became an animal which can not be eaten its flesh it is the yoke of a disaster, and was a function isolates them and was of the opinion that he became a frog, it operates worship is of the opinion that he became an animal Almmsokhat of it shows him the wrath of God is of the opinion that it turned a spider worshipers become good repentant of the sins of many, and saw that he became an iron longevity of it but felt it has become of pottery or bottles, it does not keep him and saw that it was turning a bridge or arch it affects the authority or the owner or a scientist Sultan reach people in their own affairs is of the opinion that he became a metal of metal, it uses some of the things it gets benefit Dream Interpretation in Islam

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