Taurus by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Taurus:

Is the head of a people in a dream and the values ​​of home, country or village. And the bull per the mandate of one year. But the Sultan and the merchant and the worker trade years.
It is felt that many oxen to him, it shall state that was eligible for it. But felt that he rode a bull Fessaq them to better and more fertile.
and saw that it was eating head of the bull won the mandate and authority, unless the red bull. The seer was a merchant and affects trade partners are under his hand.Though logistically they conducted. And the bull factor, it is felt that rode a bull defeat a factor, the bull was on the Download it levied the money factor as much as pregnancy, enter his home, a good rider Fessaq him. If the red bull’s disease or died, his son, his family. And the bull or the enemy king. The slaughtering of a bull to eat the meat Rizk halal.
is of the opinion that he bought the bull it is ploy to cover up your friends and the supervision of people’s words, Lin Hasan and Ibn Sirin Almighty God’s mercy: bulls Ajam, and increased to fourteen in the cow is war, what was below that it is adversarial, and the bull big man, has a degree and invincibility, and meat money, and saw a bull white Finale good, the butting Baqrnh indicated by the indignation of Almighty God, and eating the flesh of a bull in a dream, sacked, and his knees got the elevation, the knees bull in a dream or a spear died in his year, It is a bug bite or hit him from butting his living God good kids. It Khar upon the bull, it will travel journey away.
and saw the bull is caged or sick and was in the severity of it get rid of them.
and saw the bull like a plow with it, was sowing or Dehghana Burke grown and increased fertile, though a merchant for the impoverishment loss and deteriorated his business, and was a jurist or a world grown goodness.
It felt as if the bull idol he oversees the loss or die from the illness, which is where.And the bull and shows on the severity of the threat of expulsion and who is superior to that man if his vision was poor and a slave.
It felt cow herd severity of his injury, and rode the bull stature and became remembered. The word bull or miles Taurus took place between him and another man got bored.
It felt as if a bull great out of the hole is small, then the bull wanted to return to the burrow Vdaq it, they call the great out of the mouth of the man who wants to give it back it can.
It felt like a passenger ox black, and the bull bite and threatened and wants him hated, it goes into the sea and endure the severity, and there is strong Bsventh matter until almost drowning and then escape from it.
It felt oxen entered the city they are enemies and unjust, thieves they enter.
It felt ox pulls and remove them from its place, If and automatically isolate. And it was said that the bull shows a man Bagh, it is kill or slaughter, the rebellious and unjust perish.
It felt that rode a bull, it affects the act of his authority receives the good.
It felt that rode a bull black, it receives money, and if he sees that he introduced to his house and there is confidence it received the good in that year. Accordingly, if the bull many centuries it a few years, according to the multitude. And the bull that is not a century has a nasty servile poor like sheep, and in the ability such as the agent isolated, and the president’s poor.
and perhaps Del bull to get married to the large plowed, perhaps indicated by the Rebel because it raises the ground and turn the top the bottom.
and perhaps indicated by the person and his sidekick, brother to help him in tillage and service for the people of the desert. It is king of a bull in a dream, the yoke was a woman from her husband, but no husband got married, but her girl viscosity, and saw it from a nail by the Sultan. The slaughter of a bull killed the sultan was a factor, though the general public is a person gains control of the fear of him, and slaughtered the scruff of his neck, or abdomen, or from the altar is, it is unfair to a man and assaulted him. It rode a bull red or yellow with no machine ride it gets sick.
and perhaps Del bull on the young beautiful because of His names, and show to see the eruption of discord, helping to overcome the difficult things, especially to the owners of tillage and agriculture.
and possibly shown to see the stupid and bewildered. Wheatear and the bull of joy and pleasure. Sadd and a black bull and a healing of the patient. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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