tide: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi table:

In a dream is a blessing and answer a call Raghad live. And indicates the victory over the enemy. And the table of living for someone who has. Table and generous man of great bar, and if he sees the many loaves of good food and the affection that many Muslim Brotherhood. And if he sees that he eat a lot of table food, this indicates that the length of his age. The raised table has run out of old. And the large reins on the table indicate the large number of dependents. If you met on the table indicated that the opposites of war, especially if eaten harissa or grilled heads. Valmaúdh the field of the meeting, and Almaaklh Mtaana hands. The table shows the debt. It was with him on the table, men Aaakhi some people it is the pleasure. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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