wild animals

wild animals

wild animals by Al ahsaai See the wild animals

As for wild animals, it is believed that he escaped from a lion, it survives him, which Ahadhir and shall have the consequence of the nail is of the opinion that slaying a lion did not Aaaineh it secured for him from his enemy is of the opinion that he inspected the lion without mixed with it fall ill, the panic of the Sultan does not matter that may have been seen in a dream as well as an admonition indicate death and near-term and saw the lion in his home, it affects the authority and the good and the length of life and may have been a reminder of death but the patient died, and saw that it was a deadly al-Assad, it fought an enemy hanging if he sees that he thinks Assad it invincible enemy is of the opinion that intimate with lion or mixed with it is beyond reasonable enemy it is of the opinion that he marry a lioness it survives hardships many and above its matter be hoped for in the people solemn and saw that it was eat the flesh of a lion it great authority is of the opinion that he hit the hair a lion or his skin or he eats of its members, it affects the capital enemy of Damocles

Rare woman men desire

A man came to Ibn Sirin said, may God have mercy on him I saw a woman from a ladder was built in her hands a vessel in which milk when he submitted it to her mouth to drink urine OjlhaVodath said this righteous woman men desire Vzojoha Dream Interpretation in Islam

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