Vision of war and fighting

Vision of war and fighting

Vision of war and fighting of Al zahri Vision of war and fighting

They are of three types: one between the Kings and the second between the king and the third between the parish and the parish only, it is believed the war between the kings it shows strife or epidemic.

It felt: that the war between the king and his subjects, it shows the cheap prices.

It felt: that the war between his subjects only, it was said Salah, including the advent of the military on the town and said to indicate rain.

It felt: that the soldiers together, it shows the destruction of the people of falsehood and the support of the people of the right to the verse, “Flanotinhm soldiers before them, not them.”

Vision and lack of personnel to those who are on the right nail on the evidence of the enemies of the verse, “How much of a few” verse.

It felt: that the military Aqtaatla Jamaan of them is most likely loser.

It felt: that of the military Jamaan mingled in the Battle to fight a war then it is better Astalha Iemanm to the verse, “The Magistrate’s good. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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