wives of the Prophet peace be upon him

wives of the Prophet peace be upon him

wives of the Prophet peace be upon him by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi wives of the Prophet peace be upon him:Visions in a dream indicates the mothers, as evidenced by the good and the pool and most of them boys and girls.
and perhaps see them shown on the Aloncad and right because of the secret show or conceal it, and ejaculation. And if a woman saw Aisha, may Allah be pleased about in a dream gained high status and fame are valid and favored when fathers, husbands, and saw Hafsa, may Allah be shown to see the deception, and saw Khadija, may Allah be shown on the happiness and righteous, and show to see Fatima, may Allah be pleased girl Messenger God’s peace be upon him for the loss of husbands, fathers and mothers, and the vision of Hassan and Hussein, may Allah be pleased with it a function of sedition and obtain the certificate, and possibly indicated by the large number of couples, children, travel and alienation, and that the seer die a martyr.
is of the opinion of men none of the wives of the Prophet, peace be upon him and was married single woman is valid. If the woman saw one of them showed visible enough for the hubby.

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