whip by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi whip:

D is in a dream to meet her needs, and forcing the enemy. The whip came down from the sky is indicated by detestation and suffering. Sultan and the whip, the whip was lost in the beating went Sultan, and the split doubled the Sultan. And if he sees that he cracked his sharp whip his ass beaten it calls upon God in his living. Hit by the horse had his knees pray to God it is obstructed in it. If he saw a man hit him and he gives it felt sorrow and repent, but not aching, it does not accept the preaching. If his blood when it hit it injustice, but not Wiesel is right. The beating of his skin VanhqFadhaaf beating his sin. The serpentine whip reason with him when beating crooked, or that the man who will use it reckless.
It is believed that the Sultan blow cracked his sharp whip, they meted out the number of dirhams whips. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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