pillows by Al ahsaai See the pillows

The pillows and the like Fajdm it saw the beautiful and good it is to serve Salah and his servants, although he saw it hated them and was told that he saw sitting on a pillow under way and said that he saw a pillow he plays with his penis

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of pillows

The pillows homeworkers they interpreted what it saw in it from Zain or Shane is in them.

It felt: he sat down on a pillow under way, it has bought or donated to him.

It felt: it carries a pillow miss it mentioned.

It felt: that stuffing a pillow he marry a woman or ongoing.

It felt: that the collection and cushions it combines many women and concubines and servants.

It felt: he put pillows on the bed, it served to increase the verse, “And cushions matrix.”

It felt: that someone entered his home and stole his pillow and it shows that no one betrays him in his wife or his concubine, and possibly die in that house one of the servants.

And the vision of the pillow antecubital construed homeworkers and theft of death attributed to him, and boys may have been interpreted.

In all, the vision of the pad shall devolve on five aspects: server, ongoing and principality and a net debt and piety.

The feast is retained, it also interpreted and women reclining on the adoption of his wife, and were probably retained a world depends on it.

It felt: that it is sitting on a rounded elevation gain of luggage because they do not sit by kings, but they are, although not eligible for that Fidel marriage.

Vision PSN

The PSN, it devolves on four aspects: the cruelty and fear are the jacket and so on, it felt Stra set for misplaced it is they and grief and fear, although position Mschanaa it stronger and more in this and the consequence to the welfare and safety and the bone, he is stronger and more and slavery is the lesser of .

It felt: that the Stra rip or went by, it goes for the owner of fear and worry and grief, but the owner did not know that it was due to him.

Jackets and vision to the people of righteousness to those who Ikarabhm jacket and wife to work for misprision of sins, and was told Ulster shows are by women.

Jackets and vision on the door of the shop shows are before retirement, although at the door of their house it is by the world.

Jackets and vision of creation are ephemeral.

And the vision of the new jackets are long.

Vision and long tunics torn Faraj urgent.

Jackets and the vision of an offer rupture Ripper View author.

It felt: that the dog tore Stra it uses the concern with his sword.

And the vision of the Black Jackets were by the king, and the white and green jackets Mahmoud consequence of all this, if the Jackets in the position of unknown or anonymous, and if it was known in two ways: some said that is a given in the interpretation and the interpretation has not been said. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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