phlebotomy by Al ahsaai See phlebotomy

It felt that F. vs. and out of the blood, it comes out of the sin is of the opinion that Avcsd and out of him the blood of black and got him in the body’s health, it is true religion and phlebotomy oath increase in the money and the north increase in friends and saw that it was intended to phlebotomy he repents to God and if he sees that he Avcsd blood did not come out of it, it is said to disable some of them felt that bleed blood out of him and he said to him talk right and that will benefit him long to drain the blood out of it, it expiration Society

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of phlebotomy

Of F. vs. saw that it was, the old man it was Alvasd hear words from his friend does not please him, though he was a youth he heard of the enemy, what does not please him, and was probably fine.

Vsdh the height and blood came out of it is hit by the Deputy Sultan or his representative who takes money from him as much blood out .

If the offer Vsdh fine but it will .

The Vsdh the world and left the blood in the basin or dish it gets sick and goes to his family and doctors because the dish is a doctor .

Though it is Mufsd Mistura Mahmoud in his right, though not so he is vilified and hated some of the crossings for the bloodletting of the devastation at the introduction .

It felt: that Avcsd and out of him and got black blood in his body’s health, it is true religion.

Phlebotomy and vision in the right increase in the money .

Phlebotomy and the vision of Friends in the North increased .

It felt: that he intended to phlebotomy it is to repent to God, it felt as if he did not come out of it Avcsd blood it is disabled.

It felt: it does not require F. vs. place where phlebotomy is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that Avcsd blood out of him and he said to him talk right is followed, though long out of blood and it settles Society, it shows the expiration of him.

It felt: that it is construed F. vs. other four ways: either Awanaa and gets his hands on a fine or be seeking in the interest of one and the utility or be tricky, especially if the hit did not come out to be related to blood or something and he meant his production.

In all, the vision of phlebotomy construed four types: open and Zafar and his rivals, the company. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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