passage by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi passage

Is expressed in a dream husband and money. It saw the dam had orchestrated it dies.Servile man and back. It was said that man is the drummer and the piper. And it was said is some incest. And it was said is a man conceal his secrets.
and saw a man masterminded it receives from the retreat. It is orchestrated pieces cut womb.
It felt human being arranged, he felt Abosa face, and left the blood or feces out of him as much money on it. And exit of feces from the usual position is at the exit of money is interest. It was said anal Sfah man and mastermind of the unknown woman who saw the retreat of the world.
and saw worms come out of the anus difference dependents. If blood comes out of it boys anal boys. And smearing the blood out of him, it is haraam wealth. It came out of the anus or abdomen rag difference folk single, and they eat the money to his family.And back bag a man or a fund or store, or house of his money or his shop or his council.
and perhaps Del passage in a dream as carried on in the wake of the privy Uwe pants or sit him of the mat, or install it from an animal or saddle.
and perhaps Del passage to obey its owner and sin, and perhaps indicates that the door of his secret or servant direct Osakh, perhaps indicated by the bellows, and demonstrates the spout that goes Bosak house, and shows the back passage to house a split end that are not visited by one, or land marsh that are not grown by one, not harvested one, and demonstrates the The man who moves away from the people of evil and ignorance, or on the place of heresy and immorality, and perhaps indicates the anus to the mouth Alabkhr, and demonstrates the joys and pleasure, the back of the anus in a dream to increase poor indicated otherwise the of crawl to fight.
and saw that it was out of the anus peacock was born to him beautiful girl, the fish came out I was born a girl ugly, though friendly or Qmla Vivariqh kinsmen of his dependents, the snakes out of him like they Eyal After all strangers.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Passage: (See Road) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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