pants and Mizar

pants and Mizar

pants and Mizar by Al ahsaai See pants and Mizar

The pants and Mizar Fjaria liked or a woman Dinah, it is felt that hit the panties hit the current or a woman as well is of the opinion that it happened in the pants and Mizar accident it is attributed to the ongoing and women and the rest of the garment above the shirt Vtaoelha up to the dangers and colors, it is believed that wearing Quba twinge or Dibaj it Sultan fall ill, money and good as far as the risk of cladding and her grandmother, but felt that he extracted some of these clothes or burned it the demise of the Sultan with him but saw that it was stolen or lost, it oversees the demise of that it is not that the meridian, and was of the opinion that his clothes were stolen, it contend man to the Sultan is of the opinion that in his clothes, and dirty or impure, that the concerns and sorrows or sins and the sins and that he saw her white clean or new it shows Salah religion and good condition and go his concerns and that he saw created Mtakriqh it fall ill, they and poverty as much as that but felt in the dress worn patches, they the sins of its owner and corruption in religion is of the opinion that his clothes, which afflicted him for the Absaa was not traveling on the travel and that was in command is not him and saw that it was selling clothes Khalkana Salah is not his best when the buyer Dream Interpretation in Islam

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