pus by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi pus

Is the money grow in a dream, fall ill, and memorizes its owner, or take advantage of it untapped money every month. And it was said that he saw from his body out of the pus from a wound or other, it is shooting for. And pus, pus and sores funds coming from haram. It was Abscess pus indicates the vulva.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Pus: In a dream, pus means a continuous source of money. Puss-filled sore in a dream represents the growing of one’s savings, a show of prosperity, a monthly pay off to a band of criminals, or it could mean slander. Anything that runs from one’s body such as puss, purulence, sperms, etcetera, in a dream means unlawful money. If one sees pus coming out of a sore or a boil in a dream, then it represents the male or the female sexual organs. (Also see Pimple)

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See pus

It felt that by reason of illness were full of pus and pus it is money and benefit from the haram, the thought that it was shed from or out it is gone with him and said Faraj, who are distressed and felt that the pus comes out of mentioning it marry because the pus-like semen and that came out of the anus no good

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of pus and pus

Of the opinion that its bug-filled with some of the ills of money and therefore benefit from the haram.

But felt that Sal pus came out of it or it is gone with him. It was of the opinion that something of that Anbt something out of him and it Faraj cloud of illusion, and probably received the rest from fatigue and intensity .

It felt: Pussy that nothing of the money it eats hatred and is said to be adulterer, and blood was construed in gold and silver construed pus, and was probably ugly is denied to all.

It felt: that the pus comes out of it mentioned marry, and the pus out of the anus there is nothing good in it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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