salt: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi salt:

Money is in a dream without fatigue, and if I saw him, they Astalhon between two disputing parties.
It is believed that the salt has spoiled people, the plague solve this place, or replace the injustice or drought. And salt and fill the disease. The reluctance of the salt in the world and the good and blessing. And eat bread with salt has convinced some of the world is going. Maliha ongoing and salted. It is found urgent and signed in the intensity of the disease. And salt, which is by Salah as the world all year and the Koran, Islam, and the wife and the money and the boy and I’m living. The seer was scared and felt an urgent livelihood security or a dream, although the opposite is the dream of salt. The good news Mmlouh fish, and olive Mmlouh veto era. salt:

Shows in a dream to a rich man. Or a man who reconciles between people.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Salt: (Condiment; Veteran) In a dream, salt means easy money, common people and a good person. Seeing an argument between two adversaries and witnessing salt placed between them in a dream means that they will allay their differences and make peace. If common salt becomes spoiled in a dream, it means that a plague, injustice, or a drought will befall the people of that locality. Salt in a dream also signifies hard work, or an illness. Table salt in a dream also means asceticism, renunciation and detachment from the material world. It also means blessings, honesty and comfort. Eating bread with salt in a dream means contentment with little from this world. A salt shaker in a dream represents a good and a dutiful woman. Discovering salt in a dream means adversities and a severe illness. Salt in a dream also represents balance, usability of things and acceptability of everything. This includes knowledge, religion, wife, money, child and lawful earnings. Salt in a dream also means appeasement of one’s fear, peacefulness, developingpatience and forbearance. Salt in a dream also represents a medicine, a remedy, drugs, love, tenderness, unity, compassion, earning suspicious money, or a conspiracy. Receiving a fish preserved in salt in a dream means good news. Olives treated with salt in a dream means recanting one’s promise.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of salt

 The salt and interpreted it with money.

 It felt: that he had bought salt or gave it to him construed dirhams, though he was sick to the lips of God came when he recovers from seventy-two diabetes.

 The vision of the white salt Faúl on five aspects: AED and modesty and good and did a lot of money and good server.

 The vision of the bitter salt Faúl on five aspects: Dhs-effective and the words of grief and bad distressed and non-movement.

 In all, the vision of salt construed five ways: money and good order and the integrity and the obvious health and neighbor. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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