stone: by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi stone:

Is in a dream indicates the deceased, may indicate to the people of cruelty and negligence, ignorance and unemployment. Ignorant and the wise are like stone.
is of the opinion that it belongs to a stone or nail a man married a woman.
It felt that he became a stone disobeyed his Lord, a priest and his heart, and spoiled his religion, although the patients died, and only afflicted hemiplegia. And the fall of the stone from heaven to earth to all the world, or at mosques shows a man Kasi heart: the broken fragments of stone Aftart to the role and houses indicates that dispersed the calamities in that town, all of them entered his house revealed a fragment of a disaster. The people were in fear waterless continuation and fear its consequences, the severity of stone down to the place as much as stone and bone weight. The stones were many may throw them out of creation Fmab come down from heaven, it is an epidemic, locusts or hail or wind or raid like this.
and saw that it was transported stones or mountains, it tries to be difficult.
and saw that it was riding a stone and was single he marries.
It felt he commented in his neck, a stone Faisiba are distressed and evil.
It felt that it hit a stone with a stick of it burst water, and dispense with it if he is poor, though rich richer, and may have been blessed with Blessed.
and may indicate stones at worshipers and ascetics, and those whose hearts are submissive meditation. The King saw that he has a stone is indicated by the large number of his money. The worshiper saw a stone that has emerged in the dignity of his country. The strike took place in a dream stone in charge of which he is innocent, especially if followed by a stone fled. Stone and stone on the rights of which prevents him from acting.
and perhaps Del stone on a stone vermin.

meanings by Al ahsaai

Read Al Stone

Al indicates quarrying stone for their sins, or have a dignity and honor and dignity Jah King, though patients may dent his death Dream Interpretation in Islam

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