shoulders, hands and Aleddan

shoulders, hands and Aleddan

shoulders, hands and Aleddan by Al ahsaai See the shoulders, hands and Aleddan

The Almenkban Fidelan the parents and two brothers and two partners, it is felt that there had been two incident Vtaoelh including The Aleddan they are brothers or sons have recognized it saw in them good or evil Vtaoelh them and the hands Vtaoelhma on the faces was said that the right hand caused by pension man and his wealth and his brothers and took him and tender left and Aoun human and his friend and expense Adka and the length of your hands to increase the ability and Qzarethma against this and saw that his hand cut off and Pant him died his brother or his partner or friend, or cut off with each of the maintenance and tuning, and may have been cut right right Ihlvha may have been cut work or other living or be conclusive for the mercy and if seer of the people of righteousness is definitely for incest and was told to see amputation charge of stealing or be a thief, and saw that his left hand severed reached his relatives and sees his family all the best, and saw that his hands or one of them broke it the scourge fall ill, and saw that his hand one whiter than the other it escape from the evil, and he gains the quarreling is of the opinion that he washed his hands and Nzvhma ​​there is nothing wrong and saw that it was cutting his hand is pain it is about his heart the love of a reportedly cut off the hands longevity is of the opinion that he walks on his hands, it depends on some of his relatives is of the opinion that he grows on his hand What is not vigilant in denying Mahmoud is of the opinion that it is the palm of his hand CVA for sin is of the opinion that he is cheering on the two faces of joy and pleasure it was said, and was told no benefit and slaps his paws on the face indicates the occurrence of a disaster Dream Interpretation in Islam

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