rancor by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi rancor: Is in a dream earn haraam, because Allaah says: {It is not for a Prophet to yield, and Agll come, including the Day of Resurrection} .
It felt that Mglul it is invited to Islam is an infidel.
It felt that his hand tied to his neck, it affects the money does not result in the truth of God Almighty, but felt that his hands are tied, it’s mean. But felt that his hand tied to his neck, that ceased to sin. Marriage and rancor, and demonstrates the work is not valid.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Rancor: (Grudge; Hatred; Spite) To have rancor or to suffer from others’ rancor in a dream means attaining a high rank, or becoming a governor. Rancor in a dream also represents unlawful earnings. (Also see Anger; Handcuff; Grudge)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of rancor

He types:

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: I hate the rancor vision and I like the vision of limitation, it is felt that it Mglul either disbelieved in Allah or His grace to the verse, “Verily on their necks carcans us.” This may be indicative of the poor, and its conclusion was not good in the vision of rancor, it is felt that Gul took it falls in the intensity of by the great and the other to the verse, “Verily We have prepared for the unbelievers chains and carcans.”

It felt: as if his neck in the series and was a bachelor, he married a woman a bad attitude.

The rancor was a silver for it harm women.

Though it went for damage because of money.

Although it is copper it for damage because of the property and furniture.

Although it is tin it for damage from the point of earning and living.

Although it is wood, which shall be the lesser of the damage mentioned in the foregoing of the chains. It was of the opinion that it is entrusted to the Secretariat, nor does it.

It felt: that his hand tied to his neck Fidel on the avarice of the verse, “and do not make your hand are tied to your neck.”

It felt: that his hands are tied is probably right in saying to God “and said the Jews God’s hands are tied their hands tied.”

It felt: as if it dragged Mglul it shows the hypocrisy of the verse, “The chains on their necks and pulling the strings.”

He met Almabron that it is not good in the vision of rancor at all. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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