Raven’s vision

Raven’s vision

Raven’s vision of Al zahri Raven’s vision

The Crow on the immoral man Fidel contradicted the Covenant.

It felt: that crow taste entranced baited it infects booty false deceit and lying.

It felt: that the raven on a branch of a tree it shows Ngrabh or his band of his companions.

It felt: crows cawing at a time when magic tree on it shows the catastrophe and the demise of grace.

It felt: that the crows speak with him for it shows better than a stranger or hear the good news or great cloud of joy and was followed by his malignant born.

It felt: that he heard it crowing crow once Mahmoud.

It felt: that twice Vddh heard, and heard three times, it indicates the good news, though he heard four times it shows sadness and grief, and heard more than that, it indicates good.

It felt: it hunts Pegrab it do something it gets a trophy void.

It felt: raven piebald, he felt something surprised him no good in it.

It felt: that he gave his crow piebald may infect apple of the eye.

It felt: that the dead crow in his hands or looking regret it construed or appears confused him may order him to the verse, “He sent a raven is looking at earth.”

It felt: crows over his wife or rose above his bed by a man who interpreted it punk mix with his wife, and was told Almmsokhat of crows, and perhaps money was forbidden, and perhaps was a man Mottagbra evildoer, because the Prophet peace be upon him he called it such.

And the vision of the crow in the position is not good .

It felt: raven at his home showed his vision to attack a person of the Sultan Bdrah man and a betrayal of it on his wife.

And the vision of crow meat capital of the injured hand of thieves. It was a vision scratched Raven Bmakhlbh indicate that the cold will harm him .

It felt: raven at the door of the king, it earns a felony regret the story of Cain with Abel peace be upon him. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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