punishment by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi punishment

Is a strong man in a dream and the Sultanate of severe oppression, is not safe, either closely or far away. The impact of punishment on the house it is the angel of death man.
and saw that it was hit it mixes with the property as punishment for a wrong that goes against even obey. Born and Farkha brave mixes with the Sultan.
It is believed that the punishment for beating Bmakhlbh intensity in the movie earned his money and himself, and won the people of that region a disaster. It is eating the flesh of punishment, it is a man keen. And punishment Sultan inert male.
It felt as punishment for tree got good and blessing, grace, and that he saw a bird flying flush nail all his enemies.
It felt a punishment on a rock or a tree or on a high place, it is a good sign for those who want that starts to do something, and manual bad for those who He was afraid of something, or was traveling.
It felt as punishment fell on his head, it dies.
and saw that it was behind a punishment, it indicates the death of a supervision and kings and the rich, but for the poor, they will become rich, and indicates those who were in the book on his return from his trip.
and believed that the threatened punishment is indicated by the threat of a big man.
It felt as punishment for approaching him and give him a thing or talked to him, this is a good sign and benefit.
It felt that the woman was born as punishment they give birth to a son become a soldier or a major in his people. But felt dead slave punishment is indicated by the death of his master. Alkhaddaon, thieves, if they had suffered punishment as punishment.
It is believed that the punishment for carrying it and flew it becomes honest, travel or travel away. And indicates punishment for those who had victory in the war on enemies and nail because it was the banner of the Prophet peace be upon him.
and perhaps showed a lot of money to take from Raashh of arrows. And feminine than women Khatiat.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Punishment: (See Cauterize; Seal) Pupil: (See Assistant teacher) Puppy: (See Dog) Dream Interpretation in Islam

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