parrot by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi parrot

Is a man in a dream Nkhas Azloum liar. It was said that a philosopher is a man and his son was born philosopher. Parrot and a function of the women beautiful and articulate eloquence.
and perhaps indicated by the women of the Persians. And show the man a lot of wandering and many arrogance or prostitute or prostitution.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Parrot: (Any bright-colored tropical bird.) In a dream, a parrot represents a prodding man, a white slave trader, a liar and an unjust person. A parrot in a dream also can be interpreted as a philosopher whose son may also grow to be a philosopher. A parrot in a dream also represents a lively and an eloquent beautiful woman, or a brilliant, well articulated and a handsome looking boy. A parrot in a dream also represents an attractive foreign woman, or it could represent a swaggering man who constantly brags and boasts about himself, though he is filled with conceit, covetousness, and has an oppressive nature. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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