Pumpkin by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Pumpkin

Is a man in a dream world or a good, close to the people, light rations, which the patient recovered. Eat it cooked, it is returned to him lost something of himself or his religion or his pocket or his son. It is eaten raw pumpkin panic afflicted of the Jinn, or contending with a man. It was a poor man pumpkin tree. Jenny and cast lots of watermelon farm survived the disease to the story of Yunus. And pumpkin bashing and blame. It is eaten cooked pumpkin preserves the note as far as eating it, or brings something sporadic. And indicates vision pumpkin show to see the worry and bile and shortness of life, sickness, imprisonment, and perhaps Del eat on the goodness of mind and business acumen.
It is believed that eating pumpkin raw indicated adversarial and evil, and if you eat cooked and was with him spices indicated are melancholy, but without seasoning it livelihood, and perhaps found a stray.


In a dream is the capital of the head does not benefit him, and does not get it only on the suffering and fatigue. And women Alqraa year drought.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Pumpkin: (Gourd; Squash; Zucchini) In a dream, a pumpkin represents a scholar, or a highly trained physician who cares about his patients and who is loved by the people, who asks for little and who rarely asks for anything for himself. A pumpkin in a dream could also denote medicine and particularly when cooked. Eating pumpkin in a dream also means guidance, following good example, or it could mean temptation. Eating a pumpkin in a dream also means recovering a lost object, or reuniting with one’s beloved, or correcting one’s spiritual thoughts. Eating raw pumpkin in a dream means becoming scared of roaming spirits (See Jinn), or it could mean fighting with someone. Resting under the shade of a pumpkin in a dream means soliciting peace and safety. It is also said that a pumpkin plant in a dream represents a poor person. Finding a pumpkin in the middle of a plantation of melons in a dream means recovering from a dangerous illness. A pumpkin in a dream also could mean censure, reproof, or a scolding. Eating a cooked pumpkin in a dream also means acquiring knowledge, or memorizing some of it, or it could mean reestablishing broken ties. Pumpkin in a dream also means distress, trouble, tight financial standing, sickness, or imprisonment. A pumpkin in a dream also denotes vigilance and clarity of mind. Serving plates or kitchen utensils that are made from dried pumpkin skin in a dream represent beautiful, humorous and noble women. Eating a pumpkin curry dish in a dream means distress, sadness and sorrow. Eating a steamed pumpkin without spices in a dream may mean earnings. (Also see Food)

Interpretation of Al zahri

The vision of Pumpkin

 The Pumpkin construed aspects of it:

Kirmani said: Pumpkin construed vision of seniority, especially if he has seen on a tree, and possibly shown to the vision of Pumpkin Mushardh with humans .

 It felt: that the knock at his home in the early Fidel grace and increase the money, though he was sick Awfi, though freed slave, though he is a kaafir becomes Muslim, though he was traveling back to safety, although he is an evildoer repents Allaah be upon him and eliminate his need. It was the vision of Pumpkin collection if construed to collect different things.

 It felt: it eats Faúl cast lots to eat as much as the knowledge of it, especially if cooked, and eaten raw hatred Almabron and spoke to him that he construed beats.

 It felt: that it sells pumpkins emulate Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him as stated in the saheeh hadeeth that he (PBUH) like a pumpkin and gourd Ataatbah of Kassa. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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