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Is in a dream of the supervision of the people. Munira saw the planets in his home he has met people from presidents, but he saw no light in his house with people who met in the supervision of a disaster.
and saw a star fall from heaven to a place, there have been a disaster in that place in a man of supervision. And planets General of the sultans, and their supervision, most powerful, and scientists teach them, and the general public the richest.
It felt at his home that the planets are many many descendants.
It felt planets seven car it shows the Trades and trades, science and the Sultanate.
and saw a star shining it obtain gladness and joy, and driven him people.
It is believed that the planets went from the sky goes his money that he is rich, though he died poor. Planets but felt it on his head and become mentioned more than his counterparts. But felt that riding a planet, it receives authority and the mandate and strength, and good and the benefit and the presidency.
It felt planets under the roof indicates that the destruction of his home so that their light inside the house, or indicate the death of the owner of the house.
It felt that eats planets, it eats the people’s money. It swallowed planets may curse the Sahaabah. It sucked the planets it learn from the scientists note.
It felt planets scattered is the death of kings or indicates war.
It felt planets fall to the ground from the sky, indicates that the loss of people of many.
It is believed that the planets in the sky fell became bald and hair loss head.
It felt planets in the daytime it is evidence of the scandals and fame. And the morning star shows the wedding the bride. And planets with a small light indicates the weak slaves and slaves and the general public. It has become a planet got richer. And the planets that indicate they winter and sadness, which indicate the summer living and good.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the planets

The Aldarrari are seven, have already discussed in the sun and the moon, and the remaining five are Saturn, the owner of torment King and the buyer, the owner of treasury funds and Mars, the owner of his war and Venus, the wife of the king and the Mercury is a writer and stars known are Oaaana and the rest of the stars armies to him.

It felt: he has the stars, it has the supervision of people and contains their hearts.

It felt: that he lost something of which it is lost for people like that.

It felt: that he hit them or something of its light as it affects the benefit of what happened.

It felt: the stars in the house or in the sky Munira sultan Izz it affects or would rise.

It felt: he sees the stars known it Rushd, guidance and right in the view.

It felt: that the stars eat it and drive a wedge in the absence of people.

It felt: that he had taken a star, it had a pregnant woman, it gives birth to a son.

It felt: that the star attacked him star struck and the high authority.

It felt: that the star threw it hitting cast of the devil and then relaxed the severity of what it, and that hit the ship sank or animal corrupted.

It felt: that the fallen star died quickly.

It felt: that his head back a star, it’s debt due to him.

It felt: that a star fell in the fall of the great land it much, though it made him absent, and that he had pregnant The term that was the star or put a reminder and a son, though Mantha put a daughter.

It felt: that the stars have in the house together, it indicates mortality.

It felt: Random and then a star is absent from the course which is not demanded of him also like a loss.

It felt: it was Random Taluah Vtobeirh marched against him.

It felt: Random Suhaila it shows on the backs.

And the vision of the flower show turnout .

And the vision of the buyer indicates the purity of living to age and another order of poetry interpreted shops because they were worshiped in ignorance and all that is worshiped but God, it is impossible. It was the vision of the stars never devolves to travel because travelers guided it into the sea .

Vision of the night and day

But there will come a day mentioned, and the night and the day is meant by the darkness and light.

It felt: at night it shows a dark sadness and grief.

It felt: bright good night and people find comfort in which they accrue joy and pleasure and good living.

It felt: he walks in the dark night and the road was a vague thought that the serious way it shows integrity in the way of religion.

It felt: the night and the sun shining by day horoscope it shows the good and benefit and get to be, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh otherwise. It was the vision of the night devolves Baldilalh.

It felt: that a lifetime day and night in which it does not cloud the people of that place and the horror and dismay and fear and the darkness was an injustice to those people.

It felt: at night and has the moon and planets revolve there is nothing wrong it.

It felt: that the darkness of his home, it travels away traveling. It was the vision of darkness Balthir interpreted in the way of religion.

It felt: he was in darkness and then light it indicates change to repent and open the doors of the debt.

It felt: he was in darkness and then came to light and then returned to the darkness of hypocrisy when it interpreted the verse, “and if they have darker.”

In all, the vision of darkness shall devolve on five aspects: heresy and Boggle and Tasir thing falling into heresy and misguidance.

It felt: it came out in the darkness into the light and the goodness of the people it exits from poverty to riches.

The light means the day it is construed with guidance and the beginning of the day interpret it first requested by and at the end and half of the measured as well.

It felt: that the whole day and age it construed its affairs with integrity and longevity, and possibly consulted by the Sultan and exemplary in his opinion. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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