prostration by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi prostration

Of the opinion that he knelt down and worshiped and prayed to God it is subject to him, and distancing itself from old age, and assess the limits of God and his statutes, and obtain what he wishes in religion and the world quickly, and he gains who desires. And it was said of the opinion that he worshiped God Bteke win, and forgive him. And a stranger guilty, if he repented of his sin he prostrated and remorse and survived the risks, and received his need, and pardoned, and forgiven him long life.And if he sees that he prostrated to God Almighty or another to his face other than that intended prisons it humiliated and let down, whether in conflict or war or hostility, but in the trade lost, though it need it is not spent, it fell on Mount prostration to God it he gains a man impervious, albeit on a hill or wall it is subject to a high Ikhzlh. And prostrate in a dream evidence of faith in God and repent of the Asi, and perhaps Del bow and prostrate on the pilgrimage to the verse {And purged my house of Taivin, and those, and Alrkaa prostration} .
and perhaps Del prostrate on the following year and accompany the Prophet peace be upon him in Paradise. And prostration in a dream guide the nail, and a guide to repent from sin and a guide to win money, and a guide along life, and a guide to escape the dangers. And prostrating in Salah al-Nasr and things. It may be prostrate grace He hath bestowed Allah on those who saw it.
It felt brick gold brick worship of Silver, the man is subject to the honest man and missed. Prison and it is subject to cross for a people who hit the hypocrites in Albarbt, singing and musical instruments.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Prostration: (Faith; Prayers; Gratitude; Piety; Fear of wrongdoing; Repentance; Reward; Strength; Truthfulness) If one sees himself prostrating in submission to God Almighty in a dream, it means that he will be cured of arrogance, and he will establish the correct spiritual and religious life, quickly achieve what his heart desires in both spiritual and material gains, and he will triumph over his enemy. Prostrating oneself in a dream also means repenting from sin, feeling regret, salvation, escaping from danger, or receiving pardon. Prostrating during a war in a dream means humiliation before one’s enemy, a fight, business losses, or it could mean standing helpless before closed doors. Prostrating oneself before God Almighty on top of a mountain in a dream means vanquishing a strong enemy, while prostrating on top of a hill means submission to a strong man. Prostration in a dream also means faith in God Almighty, joining the company of God’s messenger upon whom be peace, in paradise, longevity and improving one’s spiritual life. If one sees a piece of gold prostrating to a piece of silver in a dream, it means that a nobler person will submit to a lowly one.

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