Poverty by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Poverty

He sang in a dream, it is felt that a poor diet gained a lot on him {I am the Lord revealed to the best of a poor} , it was good rye bread.
It is believed that poor people are asking it to be much prayer, supplication because the questioners are exercising. If the liquid in a dream I won the money and that toil tirelessly without question won the capital and take without giving. And it was said that he saw the poor from obtaining good.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Poverty: (Beggar; Enamored; Emaciated; Hobo; Homeless; Indigence; Love; Men-dicant; Poor) Poverty in a dream means richness in wakefulness. Seeing oneself poor and hungry in a dream means that one will wake up to a great meal, or it could mean that he has stored sufficient provisions and satisfactory sustenance for sometime to come. If one sees himself as a poor beggar in a dream, it means that he prays incessantly and often asks God Almighty for extra favors and blessings. Seeing a group of needy people and beggars in a dream connotes the death of a rich person in that locality, and it is a sign for poor people to go and collect the charitable donations his heirs will distribute after his death. If someone sees himself asking for something, and ifhe is given what he is asking for in a dream, it means that he will receive money without trouble, or that he will earn easy money, for earning one’s livelihood with mere asking in a dream means a business without capital investment, or receiving without having to give anything in return. It is also said that if one sees himself as a poor person in a dream, it means that he will earn benefits in wakefulness. (Also see Beggar; Hobo)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of poverty

As for poverty, it Salah al-Din and the stability in the case.

It felt: that of the people of poverty and lack of standing, living in closer and improves the condition and the state of his house after him.

It felt: as if he received poor food, a lot of meaning for the story of Moses, “Lord, I am of what was revealed to the best of a poor”. The shortness of life, it shows the contour of the above that the same vision of the good among the people. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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