path by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi path

Shows walking on the path of the hereafter in a dream to travel in the sea, interrupted by the lost and perished.
and perhaps Del path to science, standardization and follow the Sunnah. The path is the way, it is felt that slipped on path, it misses the way of truth.
It is felt that the path it straight on religion.
and saw that it was walked on the path was still by it ride is great and have a safe and sound.
It felt that he slipped on the path, it enters in sin and away from the truth.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision path

Of the opinion that it is based on the correct path on his hand crooked things for the verse, “and to guide you straight path.”

It felt: that he passed on the path it is safe from the trials and hardships.

It felt: it fell from the path into the fire, it is located in the strife and calamity and misfortune great.

It felt: that it may choose the path through good deeds and good works and works required the approval of God.

It felt: that he had signed in the path of the fire it takes an act of the king and be on his hands and the injustice of many sins of many.

It felt: that he swallowed the path it works is straight people ask him to show Victmh.

It felt: that it is a straight path in religion.

It felt: that he slipped on the path, crying Faúl Baghafflh in religion, but please forgive him.

In all, the vision path devolves on six aspects: a straight or something is difficult or fear or oppression by the Sultan or the guilt or hypocrisy with people. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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