passengers by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi passengers

Of the word three concepts (i) if it was felt in a dream for a solo saddle is born boy. If it was felt the saddle was born with a reliable, and said It is the strength of the house.
and perhaps indicates that it is trodden or tread mat.
and perhaps Del Alrkapan the wives or the boys or lads. And passengers money Sharif and the post. Is indicated by the passengers on ongoing Belle, and as an iron force, and being a pencil indicating they ordered, and being a gold plated silver shows the vicinity of the servants of Hassan.
It felt he got a passenger or Rkapan to Srjh it gets on a server or two servers.
It felt that the passengers cut or stolen or sold servant died. The second shows his vision in a dream to achieve the purposes of politeness and diligent and fatigue. And the third passenger, King House, and show his vision in a dream to travel and movements on land and sea, and to heal diseases. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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