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Sultan is in a dream group of Arabs and Islam and the holy place mentioned by God in his book. It is considered that on the lectern speaking words of righteousness, it affects the authority decent honest if the platform’s Welcome. Although not well known it. But felt that he and the Sultan or epilepsy, or forcibly sent down from the pulpit, pulpit, it is broken or the demise of Sultan’s death or life. The mandate of the platform and conquer the enemy, and those who may have been the platform advancement.And if the Sultan ascended the platform as long as his king and conquer his enemies.

meanings by Al ahsaai

 Vision platform

It felt that a forum talking science or preaching earned him high degree and the honor but felt that he had signed it happened to him against that and saw that it was on the platform speaking which do not befit it is famous for disobedience and perhaps it hardens and that saw the Sultan that the platform and signed him or broken platform below it is indicated to understand and high extent and the status when the Sultan and the money and grace is for rank, either death or someone else, and was of the view that the pulpit that was a world above the amount, although he does hold in the robbery and hardens, and saw that he slept on the platform is closer to the Sultan and the security of his part It was corruption in religion or people of Istgab

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision platforms

The platforms, it devolves Sultan and the King and guardian and the imam and the world saw it as whatever from Zain or Shin construed it in them and rise it is worthy of the state and it is meted out to those who do not fit them not Mahmoud.

It felt: that he was speaking on the platform as it does not become known and the scourge of sin, and spoke as befits it is good, a blessing.

Vision Aldkk

The places that are placed Aldkk presidents for sitting on them or put them thing they devolve Balnsoh, and if they are the finest furnished.

And the vision of boarding Altjut, family, platforms, chairs, Sudd and Aldkk and so on construed height as much as the elevation and for the grace and the good and benefit and get off for something that is not Mahmoud, and perhaps for those with positions unarmed and those who hoped the hope is not infected and all the rise of Mahmoud and all the landing or descent of Ddh.

It felt: it makes anything like that, it is attributed in bringing to attribute to him the kind Vliebr reiterating.

The burning and breakage in a bit of it is not Mahmoud.

It felt: that paste any of them to collect some of it is construed that one place Vlienbar same in the vision.

It felt: it has none of these species it is Mahmoud in any manner whatsoever.

It felt: that Dkkh placed upon benches and other sitting above it shall be construed in three ways: either to marry two women or two takes, otherwise it is Almighty and the elevation is high and those who do not deserve it Evger good in him.

The benches Amotzl it gets interpreted by the eminence of corruption in religion, and perhaps a veiled woman shown on the useful, and perhaps the woman, a prostitute a few modesty, and perhaps something to commit harm.

The coffin and the coffin understanding of the sense of one, have already discussed them. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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