oven fire

oven fire

oven fire by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi oven fire

Of the saw in a dream that Asger enlightened, it receives a profit in money, and benefit in itself. Saw in the house enlightened King, the King had ordered and guided problem had informed him, though his enemies nail them. Felt that the building was the enlightened state Welcome obtained the mandate and authority. It struck without the ashes of enlightened married woman is no good in it. And oven types, and each interpretation oven, barbecue Vtnor indicates the prison, and whoever is in the intensity of shows. Salvation and a good mind. Slide shows and enlighten the world in which the Imam answered by the questions be given each one what will cure him inwardly. And enlighten guar indicates the factory chicken.
is of the opinion that he has enlightened in the winter, a Astala Bnarh indicated by clothing, comfort, interest and eating fruits in other colors, though in summer indicated by the disease by heat and eruption of blood, and the worries and Aloncad.
and perhaps Del enlightenment on the stomach to deliver in it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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