Dream symbol starting with Letter O


Oars Oars by Ibne serin Oars: (Paddles) Oars in a dream represent the movement of a ship, or they could mean having a secret affair. Oars in a dream also mean reaching safety, or finding a helping friend. (Also see Boat; Ship) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Owl Owl by Ibne serin Owl: In a dream, an owl represents a tyrant ruler, or a haughty and a dangerous thief who works alone without helpers. An owl in a dream also means being unemployed, or aversion of fear and bewilderment. In a dream, an owl also represents a traitor. Ifone sees himself fighting with …

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Overseas Overseas by Ibne serin Overseas: (See Invasion) Oversight: (See Slip of a tongue) Overspread: (See Blanket) Dream Interpretation in Islam

Overseas cap

Overseas cap Overseas cap by Ibne serin Overseas cap: (Headgear) Seeing a headgear in a dream means recovering from an illness, or it could mean purification from sin. If a garment salesman visits a sick person in a dream, it means death. (Also see Headgear) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Overcoat Overcoat by Ibne serin Overcoat: (Cap; Coat; Capote) Wearing an overcoat in a dream means strength and support. Wearing a decorated ceremonial overcoat in a dream signifies power, dispelling depression, or satisfaction of one’s needs. (Also see Cap; Coat; Raincoat) Dream Interpretation in Islam


Oven Oven by Ibne serin Oven: (Fire; Furnace; Grill; Head of household; Kiln; Range) If one sees himself lighting an oven for heating, or cooking on it in a dream, it means increase in earnings and benefits for one’s own growth. An oven in a house in a dream means bringing a solution to a problem, …

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