Onions by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Onions

Is evidence of evil in a dream for those who eat it, it felt like to eat onions and was sick, it dies, and green onions indicates that profit with effort, much of it shows on the health of the body with sadness and separation. If the patient eat onions in a dream, it is often cured of his illness.
It felt onions did not eat it is good, but eating it is evil.
and saw that it was peeling onions, it flatters a man. Onions and money, and indicates to the traveler on health and safety of travel.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of onions

The Onion For ways:

Kirmani said: construed with a man ugly words, even if the vision is valid, it construed goodness and religion, though Fidel is not valid to collect money is haram .

It felt: that eat it cooked, the consequence of his command to devolve to repentance.

Some of them said that eating onions construed in three ways: it is haraam, and the absence of and regret .

Some of them said that the vision of onions construed Bashhih ugly little religion in his words, and was told onions indicates that things hidden, and perhaps be distasteful to the verse, “Otstbdlon which is the lowest in Him who is the best.” Perhaps the money .

And the vision of peeling the onion and garlic indicates that adulation to a man, and was told the request indicates ingratiatingly money, but nevertheless what he is grateful for the intention of fatigue and trouble, but what good do not disparage it .

The vision of onions squill it shows a man who commends him Bakbih Badawi saw it in his hand, it seeks Aorthh praise something ugly. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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