old by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi old

Are in a dream deficit, and perhaps indicated by the minimum outgoing, and perhaps showed the afterlife because it is against the world, and indicate the winery because they are their names, and show the cow because it is from their names as well.
and perhaps shown in the old dream of pregnancy after the despair of it.
and possibly shown to see the old to cunning and deceit and the insults and slander.The old and sick deficit, drought and thirsty, the boys returned still drought, and entered the old man unknown to the patient feared him from death, which is a good sign for a pregnant woman. The old man on the land indicate marsh do not germinate.
It felt too old for it shows an ugly scene strife and war. The old money is haram infidel, and the old man armed with the old capital of pleasure to those who saw her. It turned into an old man received for dignity. The old and unknown indicate the year barren.May be old ugly scene of war and the demise of the Gospel of drought, and poor old year drought, the cement turns to the year. The old minimum cumulonimbus face with them and go Gah, although it was naked scandal in this world.
and saw an old man entered the house turns to Him worldly affairs, and saw her, I went out with him this world. The woman saw that it had become too old for it Salah al-worldly terms. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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