Olive by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Olive

In a dream is money and belongings. The olive tree is a useful Mubarak for his family, and was told It’s honest woman or child, or head of state. Olive and yellow are in debt. It is the era of olives from the tree of good and won the pool. And olives in a dream indicates to the slaves on the beat, and even hits the olive designed to carry. It was olive are those who saw him and called the olive tree oil, it marries the nation, as well as the generosity if watered with vinegar, or PAL dust on the ground. The olive tree capital and goods. Olive and honest woman, it is injured or his property or he is swimming and eating better. Rizk and olive stuck most trustworthy handhold, and demonstrates the righteous or the option of the people, and his fruit is easy to show a living and grace Allergdh with full pleasure.
It felt that purifies the olives or squeezing him it shows fatigue and discomfort. And olive indicates the light of faith and conversion of sinners, and reading the Koran and the broken algebra, and money to the poor. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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