OS by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi OS

SE animals showed vision in a dream marriage to unmarried and the inauguration of the job, as evidenced by the travel and move from house to house. And it was said, because slain Dalal OS saddle seat a man such as women or ongoing.

Evidence for a pregnant woman in a dream world of the male child. OS and wife of the patient, the patient died, extinguished lamp. It is the fittest Vodhae a lamp, and had a patient, it returns to health. And OS with a weak low-light conditions for a pregnant woman indicates the progress. It was OS indicates the emergence of hidden objects.
It felt Siraj home shining a strong fit was Salah values ​​of the house, though he saw weak was the case of values ​​is weak.
It felt that his light was extinguished That confusion is the values ​​of home and the poor, and perhaps indicated by his death or the death of his son or his parents or his wife. The patient felt that he ascends to heaven Bsiraj and then return to the earth, that his soul ascends to it.
and saw that it was quote a lamp received the note and submit it. But felt that he put out a lamp in his mouth, it is invalidated by a man who is on the right.
It felt that he walks in the day, it would be very Bsiraj straight the way of religion. But felt that he walks in the night Bsiraj Atahjd it. It was in his hand a candle or lamp is turned off or fire authority, and was the singles, but lost a merchant, and that was good money went. If the OS and its fuel is indicated by the luminous cloud. [See the lamp, and see Alemsrjh]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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