Open by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Open

Indicates open locks and indoor in a dream to facilitate the difficult and facilitate livelihood.

Vision of the open

The open-interpreted it hard a few things in the fact that the essence of the stone, it is felt that the collection divorced from the subject of much money it brings hardship and resourcefulness by it.

It felt: that he collected from the desert, it takes your money and resourceful hated to travel, although raised from the mountain, it collects money from a man of great destiny.

It felt: divorced solution painted by his body and enters into the fire so that it did not get pain or discomfort it pays the king hated himself and resourceful, though it pays disease patients for the same drugs.

It felt: as if he eats it stores open Bannae money collected.

It felt: that he had lost his rounds, it shows the damage to his property. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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