the oven

the oven

the oven by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi the oven

Of the saw in a dream, it enlightens in the bathroom and showered, it comes out of religion, therefore, was in distress he went distress, though he was afraid the security, though he was sick healed, and that was a slave freed, and if it did not perform Hajj pilgrimage, if episode inflorescence, the flying lime, it does not cloud his survival, so it is not the owner, who flew his hair lime that was rich in gold money, the kiln on his body and his face all without it dies. The oven and not on his body hair in the episode vigilance and lime, but the pubic it dies and goes his money and keep his wives. And enlightenment in the year if you went into the pubic hair evidence of the vulva, the pubic hair did not go riding it is a sign of religion and increasing sadness. Though poor, Faraj dismissed him, and flew some lime and left some of it released some of the agony and remains part, and goes from his wealth, or away from some of his power and his grace and remains part of it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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