option by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi option

Is in a dream and sorrow are, it is trying to eat it in order to weigh it. Rizk, a timely and untimely illness. He saw the human being fixed, it was born sad.
and saw that it was eaten and his wife was pregnant and gave birth to him under way.And the option if it is a good cut with iron of the illness. The choice is good and benevolent to those who provide it. [See Alajur, and see cucumbers.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision option

The option, it shall be construed ways:

It saw an option in the early soft green it indicates that it or hear words of good inclination to him or his wife desire it .

It felt: he eats of that option it shows for Murad of these women. It was the vision of a welcome option in any manner whatsoever. It was the vision of choice shall devolve good and beneficial experience and to derive the name. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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