offline by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi offline

Is in a dream in which a man of honor, or the return of absent.
It felt to have made ​​and received in response to the dignity and love. It is picked up and it accepts the white rose and pious woman, and picked up a red rose cometh a woman of frail, and smell a yellow rose and it accepts a sick woman. And roses a lot before. It was offline indicates that dissociation or woman die, go away or trade, or joy does not last.
It felt on his head a crown of roses and a bachelor, was married. And demonstrates good Roses on the above. And fat offline indicates intelligence, and clarity of mind, and to draw closer to the people, and Lynn side. And Roses demonstrates the joy and pleasure. And it was said that the arrival of passengers or offline and Rod book, and roses if they cut it Hgerth and sadness. Offline and picking pleasure. May indicate the disease offline yellow, and red on beauty and adornment, and DH White, and Red dinars. [See cast].

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision offline

 The roses, Ibn Sirin said: Roses on the vision of two types: the type and the type of tree Moktov If the tree it shows the boy, and if Moktova indicated sadness and crying.

 It felt: In response to a red tree in his time it shows for the boy, and the roses in his class but it shows by the calamity of his son.

 It felt: that picking a response from the tree it shows sadness and crying.

And the vision of red roses on the tree indicates that the government will and pleasure and force it .

Offline and the vision of yellow on the tree indicates that a woman trader to judge people’s needs .

Offline and the vision of white on the tree indicates the state and the glory and prestige .

 It felt: his home in response to a tree in his class it shows his marriage.

 It felt: Responding to a tree, it shows the joy of his son’s hand.

 It felt: In response to a red tree in the house, it indicates the point of pleasure from his relatives and his family, and was construed as a despicable vigor minus the Covenant does not meet him.

 In all, the vision of offline construed to six aspects: Born beautiful and a friend and a man despicable Elan does not meet him, ongoing and Ghulam Hassan and women a man is good and the book is absent, and was told offline money and honor and was told a woman leaves him or born die or senior damaged or joy away and it was said Be Callas do not be Kalord Ace does not change the climate conditions change quickly and roses.

 It felt: in the head, or in response to Rihanna, it marries a woman, but the band is located between them quickly, and she saw a woman is a man with these qualities.

 It felt: that he picked up from his garden offline White Directory, a chaste kiss his wife, the offline was red like his wife, the fun and singing, although his wife, the yellow straight.

And reap the pleasure and offline capture button to drop the offline directory was born Dream Interpretation in Islam

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