Zakat in the dream Interpretation

Zakat in the dream Interpretation

Zakat in the dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani bin ismaieel nabalsi Zakat:

Indicate in a dream to increase the money and doubled. It is felt that endorsing his money is evidence of growth and abundance and increase in that year. The ALMS is evidence of good and fortified from enemies.
and perhaps shown due on Tahajjud at night, and the large number of voluntary fasting.
and possibly directed by Del Zakat to eradicate religion. Zakat and show the many benefits and raising the status and pay scourges.
and saw that it was distributed zakat money is pleased Almighty God upon his affairs, and alive and repentance.
and saw that it was. Zakaat al-Fitr, it has a lot of praise and prayer, we have eliminated that it was not injured in his public that a disease or sickness. Zakaat al-Fitr interest in a dream. Zakat and the metal gospel, up or born wife. The seer was shown by the poor to accept his good deeds, and repented that he is an evildoer, and give him lawful money of God, and that was a kaafir becomes Muslim.

by shahin alzahri

Zakat shall devolve on the ways:

Gospel and the good and blessing, victory and healing and religion and facilitate the performance is hard and spend and the need light and salvation of those who are distressed and nail over the enemy and increase the livelihood of the verse, “and you come from zakat want to face God,” verse. It was said that Zakat pool in money and cattle, it is felt that it takes to get the benefit of Zakat . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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