Zebra in the dream Interpretation

Zebra in the dream Interpretation

Zebra in the dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani bin ismaieel nabalsi Zebra:
Shows in a dream to sin, it is felt that his knees, and fell on his back should beware of sin. And if you tap the zebra indicates that something good. The donkey saw the sleeper became waged a brutal indicated by the damage. And zebra indicates the spouse or child with estrangement and cruelty, brutality, as well as the cow but many compassion and pity on the children. It rode a donkey, a beast obey him is indicative of the sin, not the ass furnishes, and saw that it was an idol, or strain it, hit him in the severity of sin, and they fear. The income of his income donkey monster man no good in religion, and rode a donkey monster it go wrong for the right to die and the Muslim community.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin
(Donkey; Ingratitude; Sin) If one sees a domesticated zebra in a dream, it means benefits and profits. Transformation of a donkey into a zebra in a dream means evil. If a zebra enters one’s house in a dream, it means that an evil person will enter that house, or that one will bring an evil person to his house. (Also see Donkey)

by shahin alzahri
Vision of zebra
The zebra construed as aspects of it:
Otherwise the booty and turning against him .
It felt: he rode a donkey riding a monster it is sin odds and contrary to Islam through this if zebra obedient to him but if not obedient to him, it shows the grief and the difficulty of things.
It felt: that the monster fighting over my ass, it shows the rivalry of two men sinners because of it.
It felt: that he came to his house, monster ass, it shows that man is an evildoer comes to his house. It was the vision of zebra shows a man ignorant fool and eat his flesh shows a lot of money.
It felt: he was riding him and signed him to a request, it indicates something that does not happen to him.
It felt: he was riding on a donkey blind monster it shows for a lot of money too.
It felt: he found a donkey head of a monster, it thousand dirhams find eggs or company of a man who gets his Sheriff and gets him to his best advantage.
And the vision of bones, skin and flesh and hair and the spoil of money .
And a vision of worship Penh construed by many and the province of religion.
It felt: that the zebra run from it, it means the paradox of Islam and the band follow a path of corruption.
It felt donkey monster from afar, it is up to the money going. It was the vision of zebra ride back on the right to falsehood.
It felt: meat or donkey to us a monster Voklh it infects a slave of an honest man.

meanings by Al ahsaai

The items beast, it is felt that riding a zebra, a supple spend how he wants the owner of the passengers sin junctions Muslim community in his opinion, and amateur although not furnishes a perish by or Barah it fall ill, the severity and fear of the opinion that and liked but felt that he enter his house or he saw in Adakhl it his home in violation of the law of man and that of fish or fishing for him to eat it and enter it affects booty good donkey is of the opinion that the brutality of its king and where the accident happened, it is not good in a woman Dream Interpretation in Islam

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