Znpil in the dream Interpretation

Znpil in the dream Interpretation

Znpil in the dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Znpil:

Indicate his vision in a dream to a homeowner seeking to members of his household, including following them Asthonh.
and perhaps indicated by the server or the wife or child. Rabat porter frail confidence and demonstrates the slaves.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Vision Znpil

Construed as ways:

Women and the server, money and a blessing and a long life and good, a blessing and strength of religion and inheritance by women, and was told Znpil indicates the slave.

Vision of the jar

The jar is for those who have employee indicates the employee hypocrite who lost his hand to the people’s money, and was running the jar or server.

In all, the vision of the jar devolve on nine aspects: a hypocrite and a woman employee, ongoing and strength of religion, good body and a long life, wealth and blessing and inheritance by women.

Vision Almekhalh

The Almekhalh it devolves woman always remember God and calls people to goodness and be religious with the Secretariat. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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