construction by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi construction

See the construction on the ground Creator minimum benefit private or public as much as what he saw of it. Perhaps the interpretation of construction to build his family a man, if built something on the order indicated by women. And if he sees that his house has expanded much capacity is well known to this world, exceeded the breadth of it will enter the house without the permission of people in a disaster or a wedding or alarmed. And it was said that he saw the building of a structure, it brings together his relatives and his friends and his soldiers. That authority, though his own back and completeness of the delight and the high affairs as much as the thickness of the building and its provisions. The castle and remove it to disperse the collection of his relatives and his friends and his friends and his soldiers, and go their own state. Saw that it was renewing the ancient architecture of a world that is renewing biography of the world, the construction was to Pharaoh, or the unjust man is a renewal of his biography. And if he sees that he began to build, Vhverh of the foundation, and built of his decision, even built it in the request flag, state or craft, and will receive what purports to.
and saw that it was built in a town or village of a structure, it marries a woman, the structures of the ceramics, it adorns and hypocrisy , the structures of clay make it of old, though it is inscribed the knowledge or the state, with the purity and the Classic.Saw that it was built, the building of stucco and the reward for a picture of it engaged in false, because the building with stucco and wage hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is to build stucco and remuneration. It was said that the deed of the plaster work is not permissible for him.
It felt that it builds in exile did not file a married woman mentioned to him, or that he lives in exile, and die. And building with mud is the religion and certainty. And mud dry Mazaah money.
It is believed that clay tomb of the Prophet peace be upon him, it pilgrimage.
and saw that it was his house, and clay was wet ton is good.
It felt that it eat it eat as much as money to eat it. And construction Milih indicates intimacy, love and birth control and income and the cladding venerable and virgins are women.
and perhaps Del construction arbitrator for the power and intensity, or at Almaaddh and assistance, and may indicate vision to build on the long life, and perhaps Del building on the pane, if the Church was indicated by a Christian, even if a mosque was indicated by a Muslim, but school was indicated by the jurist, or a bond that was indicated by the worshipers of an ascetic. It is a mosque built in a dream or a place bottle to God, the king was set up right and is good and forbade evil, but a world class book benefited the people with his knowledge or his fatwas, though possessed of wealth resulted in ALMS. The single was married. Though he was married Rizk and his son and spread Saleh said. The sacked if he is poor, and only bring together people with good and augmented to obey God, and unless he repented to God, which is the perpetrator, or guided to Islam, or died a martyr. And that may not be built, including its construction, or deviated from the mihrab, or his letters to his part is indicated by the reverse evil good, and if he sees Kabbaba or built in a dream that Fidel would raise, or joining with predestination.
and saw that it was built the dome on the clouds it affects the authority and the power of his rule.
is of the opinion that it has a structure above the sky and the earth domes of vegetables has improved his actions, and died on the certificate.
It felt that it builds, it builds a bathroom with a woman. But felt the patient as if he builds his house and does not know when the demolition, the body had a recurrence of Health, and left him a disease that is in it.
It felt that his father had established a structure and raise is thick, it is creatures of his father, which was his religion or low.
It felt that the workers are working contend it is in his home with his wife, or abandons his friend and so on.

. construction

A man who combines the people halaal, because it builds with milk. And indicates vision to build on the poet, and long life.
and perhaps indicated by the greed in this world and the desire. The show seen on the intimacy and love, and Almaaddh and Bricklaying, plaster and all that kindles a fire beneath it. Construction and contradicted contradicted Nakt covenants and conditions. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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