Crown by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Crown

Indicates the crown in a dream of science and the Koran and the king.
and perhaps Del to wear the renewal of the country, or to compel the enemy. If a woman sees the crown on her head she marries a rich man or a high-Sultan. And that she was pregnant with a boy was born. The man saw the crown on his head he obtained authority Oagamaa, the income of which is suited to him by his religion, and only spoil what was in it, because the harm to wear gold in Islam for men. The wife is the crown, which is equally rich in high-solvent.
It felt that and was a prisoner in the prison of the Sultan it out and supervised by his honor as is peace be upon him with the king, only to have his child is absent, it does not die until he sees is the crown shall be. And the crown studded with substance doctrine is better than the crown alone. And the crown king of Persians or Sultan.Even saw a woman that her head a crown of gold, studded with jewels, and was very much married to a man’s world, money, and prestige, and by, a few of the disease is outlandish, it was of gold, only he is a man Sheikh elderly, it had a husband she gives birth to a son, there is his family. And if the Sultan that he wear a crown of gold, then the prostitute or Kfar his sight goes. If wearing a crown of gold, and the essence of it obtained authority Oagamaa and lost his religion. And it was said of the view that the head is a crown to the people, the presidency meted out to his people. The woman saw that the crown of her husband was kidnapped and her husband, the patients die.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Crown: For a Muslim, a crown in a dream represents the Holy Qur’an, knowledge, prosperity or marriage to a wealthy woman. Wearing a crown in a dream means begetting a son, moving into a new city or forcing an enemy to retreat. Ifa woman sees herselfwearing a crown in a dream, it means marriage to a noble and a high ranking person. If she is married and pregnant, it means she will beget a son. If a prisoner sees himself wearing a crown in a dream, it means that he will be released fromjail and regain his dignity. Wearing a crown studded or inlaid with gems in a dream is better than wearing a plain golden crown. Wearing a golden crown in a dream is also a bad omen. If a widow sees herself wearing a crown studded with gems in a dream, it means marriage to a wealthy person from another country. If the crown is made of gold in the dream, it means that she will marry an old man whom she will shortly inherit. If an unjust ruler sees himself wearing a golden crown in a dream, it means that he will lose his eyesight, while if he sees himself wearing a golden crown inlaid with gems in the dream, it means establishing trading interests with a foreign country. If a woman’s crown is stolen in a dream, it means the death of her husband. (Also see Turban)

meanings by Al ahsaai

 See the crown

It felt that it a crown of gold, it affects the essence of great authority, though not up to marry a woman, it has the approval of beauty and that the woman saw that she married a man Oagamaa mentioned in the people and that she was pregnant with a boy came Dream Interpretation in Islam

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